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Eric Glass (néé Gale) is the son of Henry Gale and Nancy Glass. He's has never kissed a woman or had never a relationship with a woman. Eric is always ready for things, but he was not ready that Bob Crash would beat him. Eric is protecting Bob Crash, Jennifer LaPorta, Mandy Crash, Patrick Rumble and Francisca Rumble, however he kills therefore a lot of people. He has a special relationship with his mother. Jennifer LaPorta likes Eric, but she has a relationship with Bob Crash.

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Eric Glass


Eric Glass has a special form as Animagus, he's a Lion. So far it unknown how it could be that he's a lion.

Eric Glass as a Lion


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Family History Edit

Eric Glass is the son of Henry Gale and Nancy Glass. He's a descent of both The Gale Family and The Glass Family. Amos Gale is the great-great grandfather of Eric Glass. Simon Glass and Diana Rumble are the parents of Nancy Glass and the grandparents of Eric Glass. He's the second cousin of Patrick Rumble. He's the grand nephew of Bob Crash.

Normal LifeEdit

Henry Gale's missionEdit

Working with his mother, Nancy GlassEdit

Looking For Found The Black Rock!Edit

Days 1-? (Season 1) Edit


Searching for The Rumble FamilyEdit

Going on Oceanic Flight 305Edit

Plan with Nancy Glass and Tracy LomsteinEdit

Going Back In TimeEdit

Searching For Mandy CrashEdit

Going To The Simpress UniversityEdit

Escaping From The Simpress UniversityEdit

Joining The Order Of Waving TownEdit

Searching In The HeadquarterEdit

Looking For Elisabeth SmatthouseEdit

Saving Mandy CrashEdit

Going Back At HomeEdit

Discovering Of Amos Gale's deadEdit

Confrontation with Chris and Brad BrightEdit

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Season 1


Family of Glass family

Henry Gale

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Nancy Glass

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Grace Glass Mr. Shallbloom
Rose Shallbloom
Diane Rumble Gregory Rumble Henry Rumble
Ilona Vish
Ursula King Philip King
Cynthia King

Trivia Edit

  • Eric Glass was one of the first characters, who was really supposed to be in the serie along with Bob Crash and Peter Chess.
  • Eric Glass is the most famous character in the serie. The fans call him 'The Bad-Ass' or 'BA'. The fans like it, that he shoot on people.
  • Eric Glass has killed so far 4 people in his life: Michael Matson, Macy Tiger, Macy Tiger's husband and Chris Bright. 4 in the first number in LOST of The Numbers.
    • He did shoot on both Bob Crash and Charles Widmore, however they were both saved by the time-travelling Jack Shephard.
  • As seen in the Season 2 press release he will coming in the second season.

Unanswered Questions Edit

For fan theorys on these unanswered questions, see: Eric Glass/Theorys.

  • Why was he looking for a book about The Black Rock?
  • What is his job?
  • What is he planning with his mother in Los Angeles?
  • How long was he been looking for a book about The Black Rock?
  • Why did he need Bob Crash, Jennifer LaPorta and Mandy Crash in his plan?
  • If Eric is protecting the Crash family, why did he shoot on Bob in Episode 1?
  • Why did he have his mother's surname and not his father's surname?