Userboxes (commonly abbreviated as UBX) are small colored boxes designed to appear on Wikians' user pages. They generally include one or two small graphics and a few short lines of text. Often they also include wiki markup that places the user in a category. Userboxes are generally created as templates and transcluded onto userpages, although their markup may be substituted directly onto userpages instead. Userboxes should not be used in articles.

Using existing userboxesEdit

Userboxes are for the use of users on their own user pages. It may be considered uncivil to place any userboxes on any other user's page(s) without their permission. However, userboxes may be placed on talk/discussion pages by anyone. You can also use the

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in order to create custom userboxes.


The standard syntax for adding a userbox to your user page (also known as transclusion) is: {{user nameofbox}}.

If you wish, you can use the following substitution syntax instead: {{subst: user nameofbox}}. The use of "subst:" will ensure the template is always displayed in its form at the time of addition to a page and will not reflect subsequent edits to the template. It should be noted that this method will lead to large amounts of Wikicode being present on your page, and the version of the userbox on your userpage will not reflect any new changes.

Creating a new userboxEdit

Userbox names must begin with "User " (for example, Template:User Someuserboxname).

Namespaces: Userboxes are only to be created or displayed in Template: namespace, Harry Potter Wiki: project namespace or User: namespace.

List of userboxesEdit

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