Part 1Edit

Jennifer was back at the prison. Hello said Victoria. These people are Sandra Pryce and Amanda Pryce. They are hew new said Victoria. Girls, would you please leave us alone. Sandra and Amanda were going back.

Victoria looked at Jessica and Ashley who were coming. Go said Victoria. Victoria looked at Jennifer LaPorta. do you know that every girl in this prison is in love with you? asked Victoria. No said Jennifer. Victoria begin to kiss Jennifer. Jennifer was taking out the clothes of Victoria. Go further said Victoria. jennifer taking out the clothes of victoria. I love you said Victoria.

Moments later was Jennifer back. Come said Victoria to Jennifer. You have to go to the Watch Tower said Victoria. Victoria was leaving. Hello I'm Serena Starr. I'm Jennifer LaPorta. It's nice to meet you jennifer said Serena. Serena was naked. Oh God, you’re so hot said Jennifer. Serena was taking out Jennifer’s clothes. I wanna do it said Serena. Kiss me said Serena.